The pillars of pv:protect’s security and alarm systems

The effective combination of valuable engineering and professional service given by the emergency call centre.

  • Reliable burglary/theft protection of solar power plants through intelligent video sensor technology (video alarm system)
  • Alarm image connection to local emergency call centres (ECCs)
  • Targeted intervention by ECCs and local alarm pursuers
  • 24/365 protection, no second left unprotected, no gaps or dead angles, sabotage report
  • Detection framework shows “trigger“ (alarm or also false alarm) so the ECC can act purposefully
  • No wrong intervention costs due to false alarms
  • No additional investments needed, a simple fence is sufficient
  • Detection must not necessarily follow the course of the fence
  • Only low bandwidths for connecting to the EEC needed 
  • Tried and tested technology with fine-tuned and field-tested components such as night vision capability
  • Broad reference customer base
  • Recognised by leading insurance companies